Gold Portfolio Disclaimer

Wahed will invest your money into the Tradeplus Shariah Gold Tracker ETF ("Fund"). The fund invests 95% of its assets into gold bars purchased from gold bar suppliers accredited by the London Bullion Market Association.

We have summarized certain risk factors for your consideration. However, you are advised to read and understand the prospectus of The Fund.

Specific Risk In Investing In The Fund

  1. Fluctuation in Price of Gold Bars - As with any investment, gold bars held will be susceptible to gold price fluctuation.

  2. Supply Risk - The gold bars held by The Fund are supplied by a single provider only.

  3. Fund Expenses - gold bars held will be sold to pay for expenses of The Fund at the-current gold price.

  4. Currency Risk - The Fund’s base currency is USD while it is trade on the secondary market in MYR.

  5. Passive Management - The Fund invests and holds gold bars in a passive manner, and no active trading is done for The Fund.

  6. Insurance Coverage - The Fund will not obtain insurance coverage for the gold bars and will rely on any coverage obtained by the custodian.

  7. Custodian Risk - There are risks associated to the Custodian such as insolvency, access to gold bars held, limitation of liability, limited recourse against the custodian, resources limitation and monitoring restriction of the custodian.